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About us

Mission Statement

"The Wheeler Street Corporation is an organisation that is committed to the delivery of services to the public by way of contributing towards the pursuit of innovation, leadership, knowledge skill and excellence in the areas of Drug and Alcohol Substance Misuse, Neighbourhood Anti Social Behaviour, Housing and Criminal Justice areas such as training, service development and delivery, outreach work, mentoring and work with the hard to reach.

"Our aim is to do this in a way that first seeks to listen and then to be listened to by the deployment of needs led passion, purpose and culturally competent interventions."



Wheeler Street was set up in 2007 and later converted to a Community Interest Company in 2011.


Our team

Grantley Haynes | CEO

Grantley started The Wheeler Street Corporation as a way of truly reaching out to young people across Birmingham and the West Midlands. Engaging hard to reach young people and those marginalised in society by addiction, mental illness or other deep-rooted personal battles and helping them to live a positive life has been the focus of his career for over 15 years. His passion for music has seen Grantley manage and produce for well known international recording artists but nothing compares to the rewards gained from impacting peoples lives whether it’s through one to one mentoring, designing city-wide intervention programmes or advising public bodies on national and local policy.

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